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Property Management

Before you start to build your residence or retirement home - and certainly once it is built - on these remarkable ocean view properties, property maintenance and vigilance in your absence is obviously going to be a major concern.

One of the outstanding features of this Costa Rica real estate, and among the greatest benefits of owning ocean view property there, is the excellent maintenance and security services the developers provide.

While you're away, the development managers will monitor and maintain your home and property. You might want some landscaping and gardening done, or simply need the reassurance that someone is watching should a shingle need replacing or a window left open. The developers provide you with a guarantee that your ocean view home will be secure and maintained both while you're here and while you're away.

Among the maintenance, security and other important services offered to the ocean view property buyers and home owners are:

Exterior and interior property maintenance
Community watch and 24-hour vigilance
Airport pick-up and drop-off
Swimming and whirlpool maintenance
Grocery shopping (your fridge will be full when you arrive)
Guest services
Rental agreements/arrangements
Office services
Motor vehicle maintenance
Maid and laundry services
Delivery reception and storage of items shipped from outside

No matter where you happen to be, your ocean view property will be safe, meticulously maintained and protected.

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